Taco refit: Step 1, insulation

I don't know why it took me so long to decide to do this to the truck. I've spent countless hours in the back either seeking shelter from a storm or freezing my ass off while camping. So, I've decided to turn it into a proper sleeping/camping machine. Kirkwood Ski Resort is a little bit out of the way, and not owning a condo there doesn't make it any easier. A big goal of this project is to be able to sleep in the back of the truck during the winter months in the Kirkwood parking lot. So, I decided for step one of my modification is to insulate the truck bed.
Step 1: with a little help from Remy (me throwing a ball for her) I lifted the shell off the bed and removed the bed liner and the liner from the tailgate. Then I washed everything out to start clean.

Step 2: measured and cut the insulation to fit the tailgate.

Step 3: I left the tailgate insulation hang long off the back and did not trim to fit... I'll show you why later.

Step 4: I cut and used duct tape to fit the insulation to the shape of the truck.

Here is the bed liner back in. So, the excess insulation on the tailgate creates a flap to keep cold air out, yet lets liquids and whatnot still drain underneath. 


Wrapping up

Winter is wrapping up, a few more weekend trips to Kirkwood left before the lifts close on May 1. With the ink still drying on my California fishing license, the discovery of fish in the pond behind my house as well as the stream on the property, and my winter long research of fishing spots I am getting excited to start slaying the local fish populations.


Lake Tahoe

Beautiful morning on Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Lone chair reflection at Kirkwood, CA.


Hello 2011

Snow covered trees on January 1, 2011 South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Snow covered pines, Kirkwood, CA

The Cirque, Kirkwood, CA

Waking up to a foot of fresh is nice.
Rang in the New Year in South Lake Tahoe. It was damn cold, and even better it was snowing! Kirkwood is about an hour away from Hailey's cabin and the place is awesome! We only got one day of bluebird in and we left the camera in the car, so here are some shots from the weekend.



My old blog was erased, here is a fresh start:

My first day at Kirkwood I picked up my seasons pass and it turned out to be blower. Sierra cement feels just like Utah pow. The conditions driving were scary, the conditions on the mountain were of heavy snow, heavy winds, and no visibility. I have no idea what the mountain really has to hold, it seems like a mix of Brighton, Solitude and a mini Snowbird. Not much can compare with Chip's Run and Snowbird, but I know I'm going to have fun! Here is to the 2010-2011 Winter Season!



Lightning over Mt. Olympus, Salt Lake City, Utah
I-80 by the Great Salt Lake, light and air pollution with passing traffic.

Cattle graze in Southern Utah outside Moab
Lizard warming in Southern Utah
Red Rocks in Northern Utah
Red Rocks is Northern Utah
Full Moon light
Moab, full moon
Full Moon, Central Utah
Amazing Sky, Central Utah
Full Moon, Central Utah